Italy bridge collapse follows state of emergency in Genoa

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced twelve months state of emergency as a result of disaster due to bridge collapse in Genoa

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‘Italy bridge collapse follows state of emergency in Genoa’ left the whole world in grief no matter to which country you belong.Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as a result of this dreadful incident declared a state of emergency in Genoa for 12 months.

He also announced that he will provide $5.7 million available for this sad incident from central funds.

There has been grief as well as anger in the people of Italy that such a vital structure collapsed and it has also left disbelief in people and people also want to bring the responsible people to justice.

The regional government also requested for action against responsible persons which left 39 people dead.Rescue services told that  there is little chance of finding any survivors beneath the Morandi bridge.This incident happened on tuesday and almost 40 vehicles fell 148 feet downwards and left 39 people dead according to the records till now.

The government has came in to action but the cause for this incident is not still known but the heads of companies managing the bridge are called to resign.

Latest from the scene? 

Hundreds of people from rescue services are working day and night with heavy equipment but according to reports there is no hope of any survivors.

36 of the victims are identified and at least three children lost their lives.out of the total victims 16 people were rescued from bridge collapse and 12 of them are in critical condition.

the Government has announced two days of mourning on this sad collapsing of bridge as this incident has led people in to deep grief.

There were families in the cars, People  going for work and many more.It would be very difficult to tell the number of victims now.If would take many hours to tell the exact number of victims from bridge collapse.

What Survivors said?

One of the survivors said that it was like a film, an apocalypse. he moreover told that he did not know how his car was not crushed due to collapse.

It was all from ‘Italy bridge collapse follows state of emergency in Genoa’

We pray for the injured and we feel very sad on  this  incident

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