Imran Khan (more of a leader or politician)

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“Imran Khan (more of a leader or politician)” we shall reach to our conclusion about whether Imran Khan is more of a leader or politician based on facts and figures.In this article we intend to cover all aspects of Imran Khan’s life and on the basis of these aspects we shall conclude our topic.Let us cover everything step by step.

Imran Khan (more of a leader or politician)

Biography of Imran Khan

Imran Khan (more of a leader or politician)

These are important information about life and achievements of Imran Khan.Let’s move forward now.

Statistics About Imran Khan’s Life as a Cricketer

Following are the cricket statistics of Imran Khan:

Imran Khan (more of a leader or politician)

Imran Khan’s Life as a Cricketer

Imran Khan Started Playing cricket when he was 13 years old.He started his career by playing for his college and then he started playing for worcestershire club. He made his debut in Pakistan Cricket team in 1971 at the age of 18 against England.Imran Khan made his home debut for Pakistan in 1976 and then he played for Pakistan till 1992.He remained Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team from 1982-1992 and under his captaincy Pakistan won his only cricket world cup in 1992.It is told by his team members that it was only the charismatic leadership of Imran Khan that led them to win this world cup.His team members said that it was only Imran Khan who was sure that they can win cricket world cup.

It would not be wrong if we say that Imran Khan was a great leader as a cricketer for Pakistan.

Imran Khan’s Life as a Politician

In April 1996, Imran Khan founded the Pakistan Tehreek- e – Insaaf (PTI) which was literally a movement for Justice.Imran Khan contested for a seat in National Assembly in 2002 and served as opposition member till 2007.He was again elected in 2013 and his party became the second largest and popular party of Pakistan.

Statistics General Elections 2013

PTI won 59/124 seats in KPK and was only able to make government in KPK in 2013 General Elections.But Imran Khan Did not lose hope because he was determined to end the corrupt system and injustice from Pakistan.In next 5 years he did everything what a true leader and a patriot should do.

Imran Khan started protesting against the corruption of PMLN and especially against Shareef Family.Shareef family was so determined that no one can even touch them and they were even so obsessed with power that they told even in frint of media that no one can even touch them but it was all the passion and determination of Imran Khan that he not only awaken the people of Pakistan to stand for their rights but also kept on working till Nawaz Shareef is put in Jail.

Statistics General Elections 2018

PTI won general elections 2018 and its most of supporters were all due to Imran Khan. The public of Pakistan supported Imran Khan and his vision of a new Pakistan and a better Pakistan.

Now Imran Khan is Pakistan most popular leader and politician and upcoming Prime Minister for Pakistan.

Why Imran Khan (more of a leader Than politician)?

‘Imran Khan (more of a leader or politician)’, we decide in basis of following facts:

  1. He was the first person who stood against corrupt system of Pakistan and told that justice should be for everyone and there should be no discrimination between rich and poor.
  2. It was majorly his effort that Pakistan Team won 1992 world cup under his leadership.
  3. He is the only person who has changed the vision of people.
  4. Imran Khan recently told that he would not stay in Prime minister’s house and he is eager not to use tax money unnecessarily.
  5. Imran Khan focused that he will make institutions strong and free from political influence and he seems to do that.
  6. A leader should have a broader vision and  Imran Khan has a broader vision than any other politician of Pakistan. He seems to know the importance of education, food, shelter, health etc for the development and prosperity of a country.
  7. He improved KPK with great deal of strategies and improved institutions there.

  Conclusion about Imran Khan (more of a leader or politician)

So from all the figures and facts we conclude that Imran Khan is more of a leader than politician because he has no greed for power or money. He seems to be eager to work for welfare of people of Pakistan and prosperity of Pakistan. He is more educated and totally a changed and charismatic personality than other politicians of Pakistan.

But in this corrupt system it would not be easy for him to survive and correct this system. yet we pray for his success.Ameen

It was all from article Imran Khan (more of a leader or politician)’. Give your feedback in comments.

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