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Let’s see some examples of ‘US:Racism’ first:

‘Loud-mouthed monkeys’ scandal:

  • It was a very disgraceful moment when a middle-aged white man called two black women in a train ‘loud-mouthed monkeys’. Though he was charged with hate crime. The incident occured in a train on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) 9.53pm train from Penn Station to Long Beach on April 19.

American Airline Scandal:

  • Another similiar problem is reported on an airline from Washington DC to Raleigh, North Carolina, flight involved a NAACP state president who sued airline for being unjust.He told that  he was forced by flight attendants to leave his seat after he replied to “disgraceful and discriminatory comments by two white passengers”.

  • On another occasion a black women was directed to coach section on counter despite of having first-class ticket.

Starbucks Scandal:

  • another incident is yet a great well-known scandal of racism when manger of starbucks, Philadelphia branch called the police officers for two black men as these men were in  wait for a colleague in the store and they did not  ordered anything.Police Officers took those men in hand-cuffs. A video of this incident later on got viral.

Human Rights Commission Reported Racism in International Sports: 

  • The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission  (HREOC) in their report in 2007 claimed that racial abuse is very popular in international games, in countries like Australia, Europe, and America.

Trump’s history with racism:

  • Recent President of US Donald Trump has a history of Racial Comments as a real estate developer.Later on when he came in politics, he started his campaign with the comment that Mexicans are rapist.Trump called himself a less racist person but as far as truth is concerned he is a racist and treat people differently on the basis of their race.

  • Trump treats black employees at his casinos discriminately, many sources reported. Trump said that now black will count his money and he hates it, he was talking to a black accountant. He moreover said that being lazy is in bloods of black.

  • In 2015 he called for complete ban of Muslims entering in US.

Trump tweets with racism:

Opinion from many sources combined:

its not about Trump but US history is full of racism. There are billions of such incidents and these are still happening again and again and US politics and government is still unable to resolve these issues.Either there policies are not working or we can say that they don’t take these matters seriously or US government doesn’t want to take radical steps against these scandals.

US Policies Strengthening Racism In US:

  • In 1910, In Baltimore, a black graduate purchased a home in white neighborhood. The Baltimore City Government reacted by adopting Residential segregation Ordinance and forced that black to be moved back to black blocks. they forced black population in isolated slums.

  • At some point if we see the US government policies of segregation proved to be a catalyst for racism in US so i would preferably say that US government is responsible for racism and still unable to remove it from US.

  • All of you haven’t forgot 1933 US Segregation when US faced housing shortage and  government agenda was to only  work for  whites to get homes and they treated black with discrimination.

Some Rightful Discussion:

That is a very annoying moment. Here are many things to keep under radar. First of all everybody should keep a thing in their minds that the biggest religion of the world is humanity. No one is superior to others on the basis of color, caste, gender or anything else. It is only the standards of humanity which should be kept in mind.

Is it wise to give racist remarks to anyone or is it wise and right to hate others or think them inferior because they are black. I totally discourage such type of mentality. World already has suffered many of these things. The world has suffered many wars due to it.

We are created at peace. We should not think others as inferior on the basis of their race or religions. Everyone has his on beliefs and everyone has the right to keep them. Just respect other people and live with them happily. We all are created at love so why are we spreading hatred in this world.

Now we all know sometimes a single person represent the whole nation or race. If this incident has happened then it should not be shared on social media so widely. Hate can only produce hate. I beg all of you that if such type of news came in your notice then don’t spread them to such a level that such sharing let other society suffer.

In short we are all human and we should all live in peace. We should not consider others inferior on the basis of race or gender or anything else. The standard of superiority is morality only.

It was all from topic ‘US:Racism’. Give your feedback in comments.
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