Corruption: An Epidemic

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‘Corruption: An Epidemic’ can be seen as social evil which not only destroys a person morally and ethically but also becomes the main cause of injustice in societies and eventually causes the downfall of countries. It starts from a single person or entity and gradually embed its claws deep through every person of that society and on a bigger level if the government officials are involved in such an activity then no power of the world can stop downfall of that country.

Corruption is unscrupulous or false conduct by those in control, regularly including bribery. Let us break it down in few pieces. We will start from a basic level and will understand it deep enough to a country level. let us start from the very beginning:

Corruption: An Epidemic

Common People:

If you are running a small business of any type to run your household and you seek to use unfair or dishonest ways to maximize your profits you are involved in a corrupt practice and you are doing wrong with the people of your society.

Government Employees:

Corruption: An Epidemic

If you are a government employee with some authority and involved in some corrupt practice you may be doing injustice with others for example you take bribe and give job to an unqualified person while you have done injustice to the qualified person.

Government Officials:

On the bigger level if you are a government official involved in running a government and you use your authority in a wrong way and take bribe or you are disclosing your assets correctly to avoid taxes or you use the law regulating authorities for your own benefits you are affecting the whole professional body of a country. If you will do wrong your subordinates will also take it as a license to do the wrong and the whole country will become a house of injustice.


Corruption: An Epidemic

If the politicians of a country are corrupt then there is no chance that any institution of the country work smoothly. For example if a prime minister of a country is corrupt he can corrupt the whole system for his own benefit and will cause downfall of whole economy of the country. This will lead to injustice and injustice itself is a great evil.

Corruption Examples:

Pakistan is suffering from worst situations of political instability due to corruption of politicians. Some of the ministers of Pakistan are recently disqualified for corruption. Prime minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Shareef is thought one of the corrupt most politicians. Pakistan judicial system is working their best to tackle these situations. China has recently hanged till death many of their politician for corruption.


So corruption is an epidemic which destroys whole system of a country and leads to its downfall. So every country should take radical steps to get rid of this curse.

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